Cities and Civilizations Reader (Black and White edition)
|This is a list of the documents we use during the semester. If you wish to have a bound edition of all of our unit readings PLUS the primary source documents, please click the link above. I also have some in my office if you wish to purchase a hard copy of all readings.
  1. Introduction
  2. Assumption and Inference
  3. What is a Civilization?
  4. The Agricultural Revolution
  5. The City Transforms Man
  6. The Sumerians
  7. Akkad and the Origins of Empire c.2400-1950 BC
  8. Babylon
  9. The Clash of Empires
  10. The First European Civilizations of Crete and Greece
  11. The Iliad
  12. The Greek Polis
  13. Sparta
  14. Athens
  15. The Persians
  16. The Persian War


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