Here are the primary source documents we use during the semester.

Clicking HERE, for example, will take you to the text of ‘From Woods to Civilization’, which we read in class.

  1. Doc#1: The Enûma Eliš
  2. Doc#2: The Epic of Gilgamesh
  3. Doc#3: Legend of Sargon
  4. Doc#4: Hammurabi’s Code of Law
  5. Doc#5: The Book of Genesis
  6. Doc#6: The Silver Treaty
  7. Doc #7: Accounts of the Sea People
  8. Doc #8: How to Tell a True War Story
  9. Doc #9: Life of Lycurgus
  10. Doc#10 : Spartan Society by Xenophon
  11.  Doc#11: Solon’s Conversation with Croesus by Herodotus
  12. Doc #12: Solon’s Conversation, pt2
  13. Doc#13  : The Persians According to Herodotus
  14. Doc #14:Histories of Herodotus1-On Babylon
  15. Doc#15 : The Cyrus Cylinder
  16. Doc #16: Histories of Herodotus2
  17. Doc #17: Life of Themistocles
  18. Doc #18: Histories of Herodotus – The Importance of Athens
  19. Doc #19: Funeral Oration of Pericles by Thucydides

From Class:

Most documents are contained in the reader below. CLICK HERE to purchase a bound hard-copy of all the readings and documents.

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