Cities Project

Each of you has been assigned a polis of your own. Throughout the remainder of the second quarter, you will embark upon your own research and attempt to come to a greater understanding of your polis within the historical context of the the ancient world. This is something you may wish to do during study hall.

Wikipedia is a good place to start, but may not give you enough information. You may need to consult a Classical Dictionary. The library is a good place to look after you have exhausted the Wiki site. There is a reserve section for my class with the following available:

  • Oxford Classical Dictionary  –  2 copies
  • Oxford History of the Classical World  –  2 copies
  • Old World Civilizations
  • The Ancient City (Athens/Rome)
  • Time-Frame 600-400 BC  (Time-Life Series)
  1. COSMOGENY: WHAT IS YOUR FOUNDING STORY?     Please research the origins of your polis. Who are you? Where are you located? Why are you there?  When does your post-Dark Age history begin? What founding myths and stories define you or relate specifically to your city? [It’s easy to get caught up in good research and go beyond the parameters of the inquiry. For our purposes please restrict your research to the era c.900-500 BC.]

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