Student Responsibilities

  • Reading: I require that you keep a note-book that should be solely devoted to your history class. Part of your note-book should be used as a reading-journal throughout the course. This is where you write down notes, observations, summaries, and questions that come to you while completing your readings. Keeping reading notes is important for helping you internalize the reading content and will make it easier for you to recall your thoughts during class discussions. We will also use this note-book for in-class writing. PLEASE BRING YOUR NOTEBOOK TO EVERY CLASS. Many reading quizzes are open-note; having your notebook certainly helps in this regard.
  • Attendance: All students are expected to attend class regularly and on time, to be in compliance with the dress code, to be prepared to turn in any homework at the beginning of class, and to participate in class discussions. BEING A GOOD LISTENER AND PARTICIPATING MATTERS DAILY.
  • Assignments: It is important to complete readings and assignments on time and to be prepared to discuss them in class. You will have reading assignments for each week. These will be posted by me on the course website ( and can be found under the HOMEWORK tag in the right-side column. You are responsible for keeping track of your assignments – you can always check the site, so there is no reason not to know what the assignment is on any given day. Because a major part of our classroom discussions focus upon assigned reading, IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY THAT YOU ACTIVELY READ THE ASSIGNED TEXT. A set of general questions normally accompanies each week’s reading; they should help direct your thoughts. Any assignment not turned in on time will be marked down 10% for each day it is late. If you miss an assignment, it behooves you to turn it in as soon as possible as you will still receive credit (much better than zero points). If you miss a class with a legitimate excuse, your assignment is due on the day you return to class with no penalty.
  • Writing: One of the skills stressed this semester is using language with care and precision. Writing is a skill that must be developed over time and with much practice. You will be asked to write often, but not all will be scored. However, you should consciously work toward improving your ability to express your thoughts in writing. Most of the writing you will be asked to do will take place during class.
  • Tests: We generally have two tests per quarter, so you can expect one every four or five weeks. You will be forewarned of all tests at least a week in advance. However, you should expect many short quizzes based upon the assigned reading. BE PREPARED! (This means taking notes and bringing your notebook to class every day.) It is much easier to stay up-to-date with your reviews rather than cramming at the last minute. There will be a final exam that brings together content from the entire semester. PLEASE NOTE: TESTS ARE ONLY ONE ELEMENT THAT FACTORS INTO A QUARTER GRADE.

NOTE: the use of a cell phone is not allowed in class or within the buildings during the school day. There are times — during an exam, for example — when use of a cell phone will be considered an honor offense. Please get in the habit of leaving your cell phone in you locker.

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