Three Hititte Texts c.2000-1200

A] Mist seized the windows. Smoke seized the house. In the hearth the logs were stifled. At the altars the gods were stifled. In the sheepfold the sheep were stifled. In the cow barn the cows were stifled. The ewe rejected her lamb. The cow rejected her calf. But Telepenus had stomped away. He took away barley, fertility(?), growth, luxuriance(?), and abundance. To the steppe, to the meadow, to the swamps he went. Telepinus went to the swamp and hid himself in the swamp. Over him the halenzu-plant grew. Therefore barley and wheat do not ripen. Cows, sheep, and humans do not get pregnant. And those who are already pregnant cannot give birth. The mountains and the trees dried up; and the foliage does not come out. The meadows and springs dried up; and, in the land, famine came to pass. Humans and gods are perishing from hunger. The Great Sun God prepared a feast and invited the Thousand Gods. They ate but were not satiated; they drank but did not quench their thirst.

B] And now bloodshed became common even among the royal family itself. Istapariya, the queen, died. And afterwards it happened that Ammunas, the prince, died. And the ‘men of the god’ are saying: “Look, in Hattusas, bloodshed has become common.” Then I, Telepinus, summoned the council in Hattusas, (saying): “From now on, in Hattusas, let no one do evil to a son of the royal family (or) use a dagger against him. A son of the first rank, a prince, only should become king. If there is no first-ranked prince, (then) let one who is of the second rank become king. If there is no royal male heir, let them take an antiyant-man for a first-ranked daughter, and let him become king. In the future, whoever becomes king after me, let his brothers, his sons, his relatives by marriage, the men of his family, and his army be united. Then you shall come with your strong arm and conquer the enemy’s lands. And don’t say the following: ‘I will issue pardons.’ You pardon nothing; you even order arrests! Do not kill anyone among the (royal) family. That is not good. Moreover, he who becomes king and seeks evil against brother (or) sister-you, are his advisory council. Tell him frankly: ‘Study this story of bloodshed from the tablet. Previously bloodshed became common in Hattusas and the gods have placed it for you on the royal family.'”

C] O, Stormgod of Hatti, my Lord, and gods of Hatti, my Lords, Mursilis your servant has sent me, (saying) go and speak to the Stormgod of Hatti and to the gods, My Lords, as follows: “What is this that you have done? You have let loose the plague in the interior of the land of Hatti. And the land of Hatti has been sorely, greatly oppressed by the plague. Under my father (and) under my brother there was constant dying. And since I became priest of the gods, there is now constant dying under me. Behold, it is twenty years since people have been continually dying in the interior of Hatti. Will the plague never be eliminated from the land of Hatti? I cannot overcome the worry from my heart; I cannot overcome the anguish from my soul.”
And they were put under oath by the Stormgod of Hatti and the men of Egypt were (bound) under oath by the Stormgod of Hatti. And the men of Hatti got the upper hand and immediately the men of Hatti broke the oath (of the treaty). My father sent infantry and chariot fighters and they attacked the border territory at Amga. And, moreover, he sent (more troops); and again, they attacked. And the men of Egypt became afraid.


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