Test Prep – Persian Wars


Here’s a last minute attempt to give you an idea of what to expect on the 50 min. Persian War section of your exam. Remember, I will factor this into your second quarter score. You should have also completed reading ‘Gates of Fire’.

Chronology:     You will see a timeline that encompasses the era between the time of Cyrus (559 BC) and the end of the Persian Wars (479 BC). You will be asked to match events (supplied by me) with the proper dates.

Importance of Individuals:     You will be asked to identify major figures of the age, knowing what they did and how they influenced history. Start by creating a good list of your own.

Historical Argument:     You will be asked to reason through (i.e. explain) some of the more important historical events of the era. Questions in the past have included:

  • What sources exist for Cyrus’ conquest of Babylon? How are they similar? How do they differ?
  • Why does Babylon figure large in the lyrics of both Reggae music and African-American spirituals?
  • What explains the different tone (message) of the writing of Isaiah and that of Micah? or that of 1Isaiah and 2Isaiah?
  • Why did Athens decide to support the Ionian Revolt militarily while Sparta declined.
  • How is it that Cyrus is considered a messiah to the Hebrews?
  • How did Hippias influence Darius’ Greek invasion scheme of 490?
  • How did Athens, and more particularly Themistocles, contribute to the victory over the Persians?

Updated ‘Persian Wars’ PowerPoint


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