2013 Exam Prep

Will be updated soon – for now check out the advice posted for 2012 (under the EXAM tag).

Also: anyone who may be interested in a summer (16 July- 4 Aug 2014) small-group adventure to Alaska, check out AWOCalaska.com



9 responses to “2013 Exam Prep

  1. Dr. Shurmer, my move was to arc, not ach


  2. It is not looking too good for me; none the less, I will use my superior strategic ability to rebound from my current state and destroy all of my peers.


  3. Doesn’t Naxos get 2 builds as well?


  4. Dr. Shurmer, I move to MES too!!!


  5. Miletus:
    Build F Hel
    Build A Mil


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