Assignment#4 : Citizen During Wartime

What are the responsibilities of a citizen during wartime?

One Year Later

Please post your own response in a comment. Your response should be thorough, clearly written, and, of course, reflect your own perspective on the matter.


17 responses to “Assignment#4 : Citizen During Wartime

  1. I believe that in a time of war a citizen is obligated to do at least one thing to help the army. Examples of this could be enlisting in it or donating money and food.

  2. I believe that the citizens in the war time should bounded together against their enemy instead of having conflict between themselves. They should give food and money to the people who need them, being friendly and care about each other.

  3. While a country is at war, its citizens should support its troops by providing necessary goods, consider joining the military, and display a patriotic spirit to morally support those overseas and at home.

  4. When a country is at war, a citizen has a duty to help their country any way possible whether it is enlisting in the army, giving food, or staying calm. Citizens are expected to be flexible in times of war.

  5. I believe that during a time of war a citizen should support the army and troops through donations regardless of their belief on the war

  6. I believe a citizen should help the war effort in any way possible because the soldiers are defending them from the attacking country, and risking their lives so it would be the least the citizens could do.

  7. During times of war, citizens should help in all ways possible with the war effort except for the fighting. If the war is an assault on foreign ground, citizens should take on the responsibilities that the members of the armed forces left behind, but if it is an invasion on the home front, citizens should feed soldiers and do everything possible to help them out.

  8. A citizen, during wartime, has to do whatever he/she can to support his/her country. Whether it is working in an ammunitions factory, losing more money to takes, or eating less of certain foods, a citizen’s duty is to support the army. However, the past few wars that the US has engaged in have been controversial to many people, but if they are a citizen of the United States of America, they must do what they can to support the troops.

  9. During wartime, a citizen should contribute to the country in order to benefit the country by donating money, giving food or giving any contribution to the own country’s army. One requirement of a citizen during wartime is that even if a citizen does not support the war, the citizen must not start or cause any internal conflict inside his own territory.

  10. When a country is at war, I believe that if the citizen is physically able, they should join the military. Yet I do not suggest that there should be a draft; I suggest that if all able-bodied men were to support the military, not necessarily on the front-lines, the war effort would be stronger and more effective. Yet, in the case of those who wish not to take part directly in the military, every citizen’s role is important. The least a citizen’s responsibility should be is to show support for the war effort by sending prayers to troops in order to show them who believes in them and is grateful for what they are doing to serve and protect their country. For in war, I believe morale is the most important aspect–war is a “competition” of the mind more so than a show of strength. -Strong support, strong mind, strong mind, strong morale, strong morale, strong army, and strong army, strong victory.- Every effort counts.

  11. A citizen’s duty in wartime is to do whatever the country asks of it. Whether it be support of the troops or fighting out on the battlefield, if the country asks it of the citizen it is their duty to perform the action to the full extent required and possible. Beyond that, it is also the citizen’s duty to question the war. While support of the country may be expected and required, blind faith is never a good choice. They should reach their own conclusion on whether the war is justified and be able to express and support it. In short, a citizen’s duty during war time is to both do what their country asks of them while questioning and discussing whether it is justified.

  12. A citizen’s duty in a civilization during wartime is to do what he or she believes is right, as long as that person does not obstruct the effort of other citizens to help the war effort. If no one supports the current war, then the citizens should be selected in a draft to help fight. The citizen should abide to the rules set by the government in this scenario.

  13. I believe that during a time of war a citizen must help out in any way possible. Even if it is helping families with out a mother or a father or actually going to war they should help out no matter what they think about the war

  14. I believe that in a time if war a citizen must help out in any way possible. Even if it is helping out families without their mother or father or actually helping fight or join an armed force a citizen should take pride in their country and do anything to help the country win.

  15. In modern war, everyday citizens are not expected to help out as much as they were obligated to in the World Wars. Either way, modern citizens are expected to continue about their daily lives without too much interruption and continue paying taxes that fund the military. Gone are the days when the entire country dropped everything they were doing to help with the war effort. Since war has transformed, so has the citizen effort behind it. Although most citizens do not, the population expects a certain amount of people to enlist in the armed forces and actually fight the war.

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