Aeschylus ‘The Persians’ 472 BC

Aeschylus’s play The Persians was first produced in 472 BC. It is is the oldest surviving play in the Western tradition.

Aeschylus may have fought against the Persians at Marathon in 490 BC, and he did so again at Salamis in 480 BC.


7 responses to “Aeschylus ‘The Persians’ 472 BC

  1. Why do my partner and I have to come see you to attempt a prayer or a curse? Because of Delphi?


    • bingo


    • or if you prefer you can do it right here. Essentially, you have the option to place an army or fleet on any empty territory and use it for a year (2 turns) or ‘curse’ any existing unit and prevent it from doing anything (except hold) for a year (2 turns)


  2. Where is the timeline I still cant find it


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