Spring 500 BC – Corinth, Thebes, and Miletus in Civil Revolt/Rebels seize Miletus, Aulis and Corinth

Let me point out a few things:

  1. We have a turn every day. Participation is not optional. I don’t like saying that what should be a bit of fun extra credit could hurt your final grade, but those who simply do not turn in moves are giving me a glimpse of your overall involvement in our class – and, yes, this can make up 10% of your final grade.
  2. Let’s all remember this is only a game; sometimes people can get heated and offend each other. Let’s keep our competitive struggle (agon) friendly and not let a game cause rifts among you.
  3. Units may only move to regions that are directly adjacent to where they are. You cannot jump across seas, but must travel across the sea territories. Only fleets may enter a sea territory. So for example, the fleet in Thermos may not move directly to Same.
  4. You may only support a unit if the army or fleet supporting touches the territory being attacked. So for example, the A in Cieron cannot support the army from Laris into Pharae.
  5. Territories with a small black square are garrisons, worth HALF of a supply point.
  6. If you seize a new supply point/garrison point YOU MUST POSSESS IT UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR IN ORDER TO CONTROL IT. So those of you who seized supply points or garrisons will need to sit on them until the end of the year (the next turn) if you wish to retain control; moving off them will leave them open.
Fall 500 BCE

Fall 500 BCE

* Fleets from Corinth, Thebes, and Miletus have mutinied and are now independent rebel units.

* If Sparta would post its builds (sorry, I lost the paper you gave me) I will put your units (only 3!) on the map.

  • Thermos = Pack/Neal
  • Miletus = Austin/Gaffney
  • Corinth = Burelli/Frazier
  • Athens = Flood/Kardos
  • Laris = Atkins/deCastro
  • Sparta = Price/Langenbacher
  • Thebes = Emerson/Daly
  • Pellene = Mr. Gene Campbell

ACHEA (Pellene): Aegium; Patrae; Pellene; + Chalcis

AETOLIA (Thermos): Agrinion; Callion; Thermos; + Mantinea

ARGOLIS (Corinth): Argos; Corinth; Hermione; + Pherea

ATHENS: Athens; Marathon; Thoricus; + Anactorium

BOEOTIA (Thebes): Aulis; Orchomenos; Thebes; + Elis

SPARTA: Sparta; Prasiae; Zarax; + Elatea

THESSALY (Laris): Cierion; Larissa; Pelinna; + Messene


8 responses to “Spring 500 BC – Corinth, Thebes, and Miletus in Civil Revolt/Rebels seize Miletus, Aulis and Corinth

  1. NeAl not Neil


  2. what does the red mean?


  3. What are the moves we can do again?


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