Homework for the Week of 26 Oct 2015

  • Mon 26 Oct:  READ Document#5: Book of Genesis (‘Hebrew Foundation Stories’ in the Reader) AND complete Assignment #4.
  • Tues 27 Oct: Assignment #3 (based on what we do in class on Monday)
  • Wed 28 Oct:

6 responses to “Homework for the Week of 26 Oct 2015

  1. testing

  2. I have it – I justhaven’t had a chance to enter it myself online. rate what is listde. I’ll try to get yours up by Tuesday.


  3. (4) The gods Marduk and Yaweh, from the Enuma Elis and Genesis, respectively, are very homogeneous in their behavior, and have similar attributes, as shown by their omnipotence, and their creation of man.
    (6) While the Hebrew creation story and the Babylonian creation story both share similar versions of the creation of man, they each offer different perspectives on man’s nature and purpose in the universe, as evidenced by the statements made regarding man’s creation and behavior.
    (5) The gods of the Enuma Eliš and Genesis shared similarities in their views and approaches about humans’ evil deeds and wickedness, but the gods also held different attitudes towards the purposes of creating people on Earth.

    I chose these theses in this particular order because these theses all have the necessary parts to a thesis, a subject, an action, and an engine/answer. They are also worded nicely and use elevated diction.

  4. 1. 6
    2. 4
    3. 5

    I chose 6 to be the best because of its elevated diction and conciseness. It also explains how the two texts differ and it provides a clear direction (as evidenced by…) as to how it will prove its argument.

  5. and #2 and #3?

  6. Got it – it appeared this morning (did you send it again?)

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