Final Exam

Remember what we discussed in class last week. There are 4 major components of your final exam:

  1. Chronology: know the major events from your timelines.
  2. Geography: you should know the major places we’ve covered and why they are historically significant
  3. Primary Sources: identify text for the major sources we’ve read and be able to date them, to describe the historical context of the work, and to explain the reasons they were written.
  4. People: know the major people we’ve covered and their historical significance – this also includes the major characters of the myths we’ve covered (Enkidu, Tiamat, etc.)

* Do not forget that 45 min. of your exam time will be spent specifically on the Persian War (the score will count towards your second quarter grade)


3 responses to “Final Exam

  1. hi dr. shrumer, note sure if you check this blog still but I was wondering what the asian cities website was, because I was not able to find it at
    also multiple combinations of cities, asian, and sta didn’t work either.
    so if you could help, that would be great!


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