Assignment #1 – Map of Mesopotamia

Download (and print) the map above of Ancient Mesopotamia. On it (labeled clearly) please 1) create a legend that symbolically identifies important features on your map, and 2)  indicate the following specific locations and geographic features :

  1. Tigris River
  2. Euphrates River
  3. Jordan River
  4. Nile River
  5. Black Sea
  6. Caspian Sea
  7. Persian Gulf
  8. Mediterranean Sea
  9. Taurus Mountains
  10. Zagros Mountains
  11. Caucasus Mountains
  12. Arabian Desert
  13. Assyria (ancient)
  14. Palestine
  15. Egypt
  16. Jericho
  17. Çatalhöyük
  18. Sinai Peninsula
  19. Uruk
  20. Crete
  21. Ur
  22. Sippar
  23. Babylon
  24. Fallujah
  25. Mosul (modern city)
  26. Baghdad (modern city)
  27. Mesopotamia (region)
  28. Sumer (region)

NOTE: A legend explains the pictorial language of the map, known as its symbology


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